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Every divorce, just like every person, is different. It's important for me to get to know each client and learn what makes you and your case unique. Going through a divorce is a major life event, and is something you shouldn't feel like you are going through alone. Emotions such as anger, grief, anxiety, and fear are all common and normal. Be kind to yourself.

In any divorce, it is understood that the resolution needs to be fair to both parties.  However, getting to what is fair can be challenging. Sometimes, the answers just aren't black and white.  When that's the case, you want to be sure you have someone on your side that understands the law and has the experience to know how to reach the outcome you deserve.

During our initial consult I find out what is most important to you. We can discuss an ideal outcome and what I think a Judge would do given my experience.  Whether you have a simple divorce or a high conflict one, I will be on on your side and well prepared to help you.

Spousal Maintenance

The terms "alimony", "spousal support" and "spousal maintenance" are all the same concept.  This is to get to a fair resolution of what is reasonable for both parties to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.  As with anything else in a divorce, many factors can come into play.  There is no formula in MN, and you need an experienced attorney to decide the monthly amount and how long it will last.  There are several factors involved with this. The length of marriage, the age and health of the person requesting it, the work history of each party, each party's earning capacity, other assets involved in the divorce, etc.  

Property Division

Property division is another common piece of a divorce.  Both physical property (and debts) will need to be distributed among both parties in a fair and equitable way.  But what does that mean?  Resolution on these kinds of items are typically best handled outside of a courtroom, and having a capable attorney to assist with this division is helpful before it is presented to a judge to make the decisions.

There can be property divison complications.  This can happen when there is a family business, one person use pre-marital money towards the house, one person had money in their retirement account or pension before the marriage, an inheritance received by one party, stocks, business interests, back taxes owed to the IRS, or there is more debt than assets to divide.  I have handled all of these issues and able to help. 

Limited Scope

I am very transparent with clients about whether or not I think they can do the divorce themselves.  I offer limited scope services, which is an ala carte menu.  Most of my clients decide to have full representation.  But the limited scope option is there for clients that have a simple divorce or need an inexpensive divorce.  Trying to work things out by yourself can sometimes be frusterating and self-defeating.  You may also be creating more issues years down the road by not doing it correctly the first time. This option allows you to have someone on your side to answer specific questions, while you continue to act as your own attorney.

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