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Client Reviews

Super Lawyer is an understatement

"Had a very complex custody case with almost unrealistic timetables that were needed to keep our daughter safe. Jill absolutely astounded us with her tenacity, knowledge of specific statutes, and the literal 12 hour day she worked to get the orders, affidavits, etc written, submitted and served. I was beyond impressed. And we won! Just an amazing experience from start to finish. Highest possible recommendation."

- previous client

Great attorney

"Jill is a wonderful, kind, understanding attorney. She is not pushy and will follow your wishes. Jill is extremely knowledgeable and will share her perceptions of the situation upon asking. Her fees are very reasonably priced. Divorce is extremely heartbreaking no matter "how prepare" one might believe. Jill helped to take the "sting" out of the process. I highly recommend her."

- previous client

Quick and Pain Free Divorce

"Jill took the scary out of attorney and made my divorce seem simple. I'm not kidding. I met with her once, and then we did everything else via email and phone. I had the simplest kind of divorce, nothing to divide really, however Jill was essential in getting it done the right way. She stayed true to her word on her rates, and was also helpful in explaining all the legal jargon. Jill was very relatable, and in many ways seemed like an old friend helping me through a rough time. I would recommend her to anyone. She was awesome."

- previous client

Compassionate and informative

"Jill Meyer did a fantastic job helping me through my divorce. She kept me informed every step of the way, and she discussed ways I could keep costs down. The whole process was done quickly, competently, and with compassion."

- previous client

Very Helpful

"Jill and her team help deliver what I asked for: helping me through the process of my divorce with the least cost possible. She clearly outlined my options for me, helping me make informed decisions."

- previous client

Jill is a kind, caring, and skilled lawyer

"I hired Jill for a post divorce mediation, updated decree. She's an excellent family lawyer as she has the ability to be caring, calm, objective, and had a great balance of the art and skill of her profession. I felt heard, supported, cared for during a very challenging time. She is honest, upfront, and clearly communicated the process, options, and plan to help this family reach the goal. She has a great team around her and I was always able to get my questions answered. I am so glad I found Jill, as she helped us resolve a difficult issue with her calm, caring nature and high level knowledge/skill. I hope I never need a lawyer again, but am glad to know I have Jill in my corner in the future if I ever do. I highly recommend her services!"

- previous client

A painless and fast divorce!

"While I had no property to divide and no children to negotiate custody agreements over, I did have concerns over my ex going after my retirement and pensions and potentially even spousal support. Jill listened to those concerns and took them seriously. She provided advice that was customized to my situation, and my extremely unpredictable ex. I was looking to hire a professional who would get me a fast and clean divorce, at a price I could afford and that was exactly what she did. I found her billing practices to be legitimate and reasonable given my situation, and she didn't try to string things out to make additional money off of me. She was also extremely impressive and prepared in front of the judge. She had anticipated questions he might ask and documents he would be looking for, and could simply pull them out of her files for him. This certainly made things easier, and eliminated the need for an additional hearing. If she hadn't been so prepared, we'd have to come back at another date which means more time off work for me and of course more time billed. Instead, she really took the time to cover all the bases and take care of my divorce as easily as possible. Divorces are not easy, no matter what the details are but I found her and her staff to be extremely polite, attentive, informative, and they kept me updated and reminded me of things I needed to do to keep this on track. Luckily, I ended up getting a referral for Jill and it worked out better than I ever could have imagined. Even if you do have kids or property to dispute, I recommend Jill because of her attention to detail and how much she cares about trying to get you through it as painlessly as possible. Not to mention the reasonable and transparent billing! Prior to getting the referral, I had gone on the internet and even this website trying to find a divorce lawyer and just felt overwhelmed. It's extremely hard to pick and choose and not many people write thorough reviews. I was a bit overwhelmed by the entire divorce process, but I felt better knowing I could just shoot her an email and get any questions answered really fast! I highly recommend Jill, and I think once you have some initial consultations you will see that when you compare her to other attorneys you will find her to be caring, detail-oriented, knowledgeable about every aspect of the law and reasonable. I can't thank her enough for getting me through this so fast and painlessly so I can now move on with my life!"

- previous client

Excellent Attorney for Family Law!

"Jill has assisted me through my divorce which also included custody and child support. My case was pretty complicated and I found that she was and continues to be wonderful to work with. She answers e-mails and phone calls promptly. She is very compassionate, understanding, and goes out of her way to help her clients. Even when the divorce was finalized I was welcome to contact her at any time if I was having issues with my ex in following through with items outlined in our divorce decree. She is very knowledgeable in family law and I highly recommend her."

- previous client

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